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Knox Box Info                                 

The Chambersburg Fire Department requires all commercial buildings that have fire alarms or fire suppression systems to have a key box on the exterior of the building, as required by the Borough of Chambersburg Fire Prevention Code. The key box should contain keys to all occupancies in the building that have fire alarm systems and may certainly contain keys to other occupancies as well. 

In the event of an alarm or other emergency, the key box allows the Department to quickly and safely gain access to a building without forcible entry through doors and windows. The key box, obtained through the Knox Company, can only be accessed by the Chambersburg Fire Department with a special key. This key is locked in an electronic device in the fire apparatus and can only be activated by Franklin County Department of Emergency Services dispatch who records all transmissions. When the key is needed, the apparatus operator requests, via radio, activation of the Knox key along with the specific address. Upon request, the key is released and can be used at your key box. Once the Department is finished, the keys are placed back in the key box. 

The key box is ordered through the Knox Company. Follow the order form instructions online at Enter your zip code and be sure to select the Chambersburg Fire Department. We ask that you purchase the hinged door model and, at least, the small commercial box such as the Model 3200. The key box will be sent to the Chambersburg Fire Department, who will then contact you regarding delivery. At that time, any questions about its use or installation can be answered. After installation, please notify the Department so we may insert your keys and secure the box. 

Information on the required box styles will depend on the number of occupancies that are sharing the box and the number of keys that will be placed in the box. To order a specific type of key box select the appropriate link or contact the Fire Department at 717-263-5872 for assistance.

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