"Welcome to the Chambersburg Volunteer Fireman's Museum.

It contains much of the heritage of your relatives, neighbors,

friends who have devoted much of their time, energy, money,

and spirit in places like this.  They have done this in order to

give their families the peace and protection they need and

deserve, so this museum, still in a growing stage, is dedicated

to them and all they have done for their families, community,

and neighbors.  They can never be repaid for the sacrifices

they have made but this is planned to keep the memories

of their efforts alive."


  You may schedule an appointment to visit the museum by contacting

Tracy Barnhart at 717-729-4211.



   441 Broad Street, Chambersburg, PA     Junior’s 1936 Ward LaFrance Service Truck


        Goodwill's 1953 Oran Pumper                Friendship's White Swan Hose Reel

The first floor of the museum contains the fire apparatus you

see on the webpage plus three other handdrawn pieces of

apparatus.  Also on the first floor you will find shelves

filled with the collection of the Junior's last volunteer chief,

Chief Guy Flory.  It is full of replicas of actual fire apparatus,

trucks and cars, in detail.


Also, there are momentos of conferences and Cumberland Valley

Volunteer Fireman's Association Conventions, Pennsylvania

Fireman's Association conventions, and mugs and other items

from other companies.


There are also ribbons from parades that date back to

the 1800's. some of which are Juniors, others for the Good Wills.


There also are boxes of replicas of fire engines, available for

purchase on the first floor. 


When we move to the second floor, we are met by trophies that

the companies have earned in parades and demonstrations

through the years, like pumping contests.


Entering the large meeting room, we find the marching uniforms

used by the bands that the fire companies all once had.  You become

surrounded by  pictures that show faces from the past, some of

whom you recognize.


"That's my grandfather"  you hear.  Musical instruments are also

there, showing how versatile your predecessors were before

television became so important.


Remember!  That's just a word.  But to the men and women

who have provided fire and ambulance service to Chambersburg

for many years, that's the same as saying thank you for your

service.  Many of the pictures, uniforms, pieces of equipment are

just things.  But all are a part of our heritage and appreciation

of past efforts is welcomed anytime.